National Commission to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the United States Capitol Complex Act (H.R. 3233)
This commission has attracted some bi-partisan support. However, the bill is not about keeping the Capitol complex secure. The House will also vote on a $2 billion slush fund that is ostensibly to pay for additional Capitol security. In reality, many of the funds will go toward MRAs (Member Representational Allowances). The allowances can be used on a wide discretion of expenses including staff and office space.

A Little Perspective

from The Gray Area:
Rep Schiff was on CNN this weekend speaking of evidence that ties former President trump to a scheme of fraudulent electors during the 2020 election. A little perspective is necessary on this issue. First, don't expect 'The 'Ultra-partisan, Democrat, Trump-Haters Club' to offer anything resembling evidence. What they will offer is discussion of strategies or innuendo regarding intent with spin on legality. Confidence level very low on useful content. Second, Schiff is a notorious liar. He said multiple times he had evidence of Trump collusion with Russia. Obviously never materialized, never happened, yet no consequence for lying. Third, hypocrisy runs wild with Schiff and other Democrats on this issue of election integrity. Remember 2016? Below is a partial list of activities, questionably legal, and certainly worse than anything I have seen that President Trump has been accused of, which were included in the Democrat bag of tricks after the 2016 election.
  • Shock & Sadness! Election night reaction from the media to Trump's victory. They had predicted and invested in the election of Hillary Clinton as the 1st woman President.
  • Protests/Riots. Protests against Donald Trump begin nightly in cities throughout the country on November 9th the day following the election.
  • Media bias & panic. A few hours after Trump won the election, here are a few quotes from media personalities.
  • Support for protests. Democrats, Democrat legislators and media operatives cover ad nauseum, justify and cheer Trump election protestors.
  • #AssassinateTrump. The outrage over Trump’s election as the next president of the United States has triggered a swarm of assassination threats on Twitter.
  • Recount. Green Party candidate demands 3state recounts and pays for them through supposed Green Party donations specifically for the recall.
  • Transition. Obama promised a smooth professional executive transition in public only to inhibit same through action and inaction of bureaucrats.
  • 'Fake News'. Trump and his allies supposedly used fake news stories about Hillary Clinton to mislead voters.
  • Electors. Democrats and their supporters request, assault & threaten State Electoral College Electors to change their vote from Trump.
Legal is legal, illegal is criminal. Which is it? More From Politico:

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