National Commission to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the United States Capitol Complex Act (H.R. 3233)
This commission has attracted some bi-partisan support. However, the bill is not about keeping the Capitol complex secure. The House will also vote on a $2 billion slush fund that is ostensibly to pay for additional Capitol security. In reality, many of the funds will go toward MRAs (Member Representational Allowances). The allowances can be used on a wide discretion of expenses including staff and office space.

Timing, Coincidental or Deliberate?

from The Gray Area:
Five Days before this article was published by the Washington Post, Woodward and Bernstein answer your questions about Watergate’s legacy, the National Commission to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the United States Capitol Complex Act held its first nationally televised hearing. Was the timing coincidental or deliberate? Questions were asked before the hearing, why was a nationally televised hearing even necessary? And, necessary or not, why the specific timing? Comments were made about the detailed investigative evidence was only able to be collected and compiled at this time, it was supposedly devastating to former President Trump and the country needed to see it.  Nothing, of course, to do with the upcoming mid-term elections. There have been hundreds of articles in the legacy media since June 9th detailing the Jan 6th Commissions hearings, all leading up to the 50th anniversary of Watergate. But, especially during the days surrounding the release of this 50th anniversary story, The Washington Post also had these headlines with regard to the Jan 6th Commission hearings: I submit the timing of these hearings were deliberate, designed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Watergate, an historic, media led, investigation of a Republican President & his administration leading to the only resignation of a sitting President in our history.  And, by doing so to attempt to  combine the messages in the public mind of nothing new with regard to Republican corruption and Congress is on the job to root it out and expose it. We all know the Jan 6th Commission is just an 'Ultra-partisan, Democrat, Trump Haters Club' meeting. Most of us know that the media is part of the club. Coordination of messages like this is, unfortunately, to be expected. More From The Washington Post (subscription required):

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