Critical Race Theory
Also being implemented in schools as Action Civics. Critical Race theory is an academic discipline, formulated in the 1990s, built on the intellectual framework of identity-based Marxism. Relegated for many years to universities and obscure academic journals, over the past decade it has increasingly become the default ideology in our public institutions. Critical Race theory is fast becoming America’s new institutional orthodoxy. Yet most Americans have never heard of it ... it is fast achieving "cultural hegemony"... The question is, is that good or bad? The connection to Marxism, and recommendations to suspend private property, seize land & wealth, redistribute same, teach children that the world is divided into 'oppressors' and 'oppressed', white people are 'oppressors' based on skin color, violent attempts to force people to agree and silence dissent, all tends to indicate this is not only bad, but destructive and disastrous.


from The Gray Area:

I used to watch news people and politicians on TV and question how they came to such illogical, unrealistic and unscientific conclusions. How they could make such broad statements about issues without considering obvious facts and even excluding facts they didn't like. How they would all react to the same 'trigger' words and phrases, simultaneously, and with the exact same counter arguments. How could everyone new person be so in lock step in an instant? It must be taught somehow, I surmised. That led me to the conclusion they must have been 'hypnotized' in some way. Hypnotized people are told to react to 'trigger' words and what to say and do when they react, such as 'bark like a dog' when you here the work Mississippi'. But, how do you hypnotize masses of people this way? I struggled with that one. Until last night. It was painfully obvious that news people were getting this 'hypnosis' in there college journalism training. They are taught not to accept anything about the United States as true and worthy of defense. That would make you biased, so you must look at everyone else as good and worthy and ignore the US. There is a core of truth in that, but left to stand alone, an avalanche in loss of reality and critical thinking.

Today there are young people, we generally and erroneously describe as millennials, who are acting the same way. They may be millennials, they maybe an older or younger generation. When you see them on City Councils, hear them talk and describe their positions, you think, this is all too similar. Plus, it lacks reality and common sense. Where does this come from? Did they learn it in school like the media? The answer is yes. They were hypnotized, but not in the specific sense. They were not watching someone swing a watch back and forth while repeating certain ideas for retention in the subconscious. They were instead watching and listening to teachers, educators, college professors, teach, with credibility & presumed approval, and continually repeat, concepts that laid a foundation on which to build. The younger, those Generation Z, or Pivotals as some refer to them, were born around 2000. They have grown up in age of technology. They have always had cellphones and social media. They have become hypnotized by the technology, The Social Dilemma. Last night I saw an educator explain how that happens in school. By the 4th grade, the kids are seduced, indoctrinated and ready to receive future input.

This math teacher, after decrying NYC school's 'indoctrination', was 'barred from the school building' and lost his job. The concepts are not those on which we all grew up and made this country great! Things like, respect your elders, believe in God, learn the history of the country, good & bad, learn about the greatness of the founding of America (in the context of the entirety of world history!), liberty and justice for all, all men are created equal (that does not exclude women), work hard and you get ahead, the American Dream, and on and on. Instead they are taught the opposite. You can't believe your parents because they are part of the problem and don't know it. Don't believe anyone over 30. Belief in God is for the simple minded and not rooted in science. The founding of this county is illegitimate because it was founded by racist slave owners. There is not liberty and justice for all, based on our country's history of slavery. Women, and people of color, have been left out of the 'created equal' pretext. Working hard gets you ahead is false. Many people work hard and get no where. The American Dream is dead. With this teaching, a contra-foundation is established. Then, every bad thing that happens on a daily basis going forward is easily and conveniently placed on top of this contra-foundation as examples of the truths of this set of contra-foundational concepts. And, anyone who says differently is evil, they are racist, homophobic, misogynist, etc. This all goes much deeper, but you get the point. Critical Race Theory is a big part of this seduction & indoctrination. The people who are teaching it have already been indoctrinated and are very 'triggered' by anyone who tries to attack their training. The same is true of the school boards and college administration. It has been going on for decades, increasing in intensity over the past generation. And, with media support & message repetition, it is ingrained deeply in the future of this country. So, yes, our younger generation has been 'hypnotized' and we let it happen. Why? Because we had lives to run. We believed in the history of our country, God and hard work, justice for all, good vs evil. We trusted our teachers. We could not imagine anything sinister was being forced on our children at school. Shame on us for not looking closely enough and then being strong enough to object or at least raise a red flag. Well, people have started raising those red flags now. You can tell they are over the target by the flack they are taking. What little chance is left for saving this great country from destruction is in this educational battle, with the re-establishment of 'truth'.

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