Fundamentally transform the country & redistribute it's wealth
Barack Obama said that his 'hope & change' motto was about 'fundamentally transforming the USA & redistributing it's wealth'. He went too slow, or in his words was 'too early' to get it all done. His first major attempt was Obamacare and it is still with us. President Biden will attempt to implement the rest of the plan immediately upon his inauguration. This section will list each attempt by the Executive and Legislative branches to make Obama's goal a reality.

'Fundamentally Transformed'

from The Gray Area:

There is so much clear messaging presented now. It is messaging that is hard to discern in normal times. But, with it happening during this post election, election disputes, election fraud allegations, election legal action, election state certifications and electoral college voting deadlines approaching, there is almost no way to process these messages for what they are.

The one message that comes through every day that is clear to see is the point - counterpoint regarding election fraud. Trump and his team saying there was widespread voter fraud. Dems and the media saying no evidence, plus recounts and certifications by states proves that. The Washington Post called the President's assertions 'petulant'. The Wall Street Journal says fraud claims lack evidence and have lost in court. Everybody's got that messaging exchange. But, people remain divided on who to believe. Rasmussen reports that 84% of Democrats want Trump to stop fighting and concede. 57% of Republicans do not want him to stop fighting and concede! So what messages are we missing while this continues? Media Censorship. Yesterday, The President of the United States gave a speech to the nation. When in our history does the United States news media not carry a presidential speech? Never. But, now, and the last 4 years, this happens with regularity. Why? Is it to enable debate? No. It is so that only one message gets out, negative to Trump & his fraud allegations, and that messages gets repeated and reinforced unencumbered by debate. Just one message. This censorship is expanded with blocking of Trump and others with conservative messages social media (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Amazon). Presidential tweets are being blocked and or marked with a message saying this tweet is harmful! Social Media testifies in Congress and says that what they are doing is not politically motivated and perfectly ok. Documentaries are not being shown. Anti-Trump posts are not being blocked. Twitter is not blocking Iran's tweets. YouTube block's Heather MacDonald book, The War on Cops. This list can go on ad infinitum. This is all classic censorship. Evidence reporting. In order to keep the message of 'without evidence' alive, that the media, the Democrats, and some Republicans are repeating, you have to display nothing that is being asserted to be evidence. That is what the media is doing. State hearings on the subject of widespread voter fraud are being held in the 6 contested states, do you see them played on TV? Or. even reported upon in detail? No. A couple of conservative media outlets, OAN & NewsMax will play them in their entirety. The rest of media uses that to reinforce their omission of these hearings. Interesting the same media carried every minute of hearings regarding the Russia hoax, of which there was NO EVIDENCE. They carried every allegation and hearing about the impeachment, on which there was NO EVIDENCE of 'Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors' and was a clear political coup attempt. So what is evidence? Evidence is 'the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid ... which may include the testimony of witnesses, records, documents, or objects.' Do we have any of this regarding voter fraud in the 6 disputed states? Yes we do. We have hundreds of signed affidavits of individuals who were there saying these are the irregularities they saw. We have documents showing 40,000 people voting twice in one state. We have mathematicians saying it is mathematically impossible and impossible for a machine, to tabulate ballots entered in such way and in such volume. We have technical experts saying the Dominion system used to tabulate votes is connected to the internet, votes are directing outside the country for review, and use of thumb drives and other devices is allowed which is a featured designed to manipulate results. We have a truck driver who said he drove a tractor trailer full of completed ballots from New York to Michigan and left it in a parking lot. Why would Michigan ballots ever need to be in Hew York? Is all this enough to overturn the election in any state? I don't know, but possibly. How many ballots can you get into a tractor trailer load? Hundreds of thousands? A million? I don't know that either, never tried. But, you don't get to evaluate this or other evidence for ourselves, because it is blocked, omitted and lied about by the media. By media omission, we are made to rely on media opinion of the evidence presented. It is also a message to be replayed later, IF, Trump wins this voter fraud argument and remains President. Without the presentation of the evidence, the public doesn't know anything except that the media will say it was Trump's Republican judges on the Supreme Court that took the win away from Biden. This is censorship by omission (for a specific purpose).

Targeting opposition. Democrats & their supporters are attacking everyone who stands up to present 'evidence' of widespread voter fraud. Progressives are making lists of people they say enabled Trump's lawlessness while President. They are preparing to sue him when he is out of office for such alleged lawlessness. Has this been done before? No. Other than political vindictiveness, is there really any reason for such actions? No. This is tyranny. Cancel culture. If you say something in this country, you run the risk of being banned, banished and other wise cancelled by the progressive culture machine. Here is just one list from the summer's media fueled rage against systemic racism. This is tyranny.

Violent mobs. Evident during the summer, but omitted by mainstream media now, these political activists threaten people who are voting, threaten poll workers, threaten government officials, threaten people in restaurants, loot, destroy property, wound and kill people. They show up as so called 'counter protestors' to an otherwise peaceful rally just to start trouble and send the message that your opinion and beliefs are not welcome. This is fascism. COVID restrictions. This is not science. Science tells you much different things about COVID and where we are with it today. The rest of the science is blocked and omitted. This is not for public health. This is government control.

War on religion. This is obvious in the COVID restrictions around the country. But, did you see what is happening in Spain now? Of course not. You have to work hard to find it. But you should read this article and talk to people who have left Spain because of what is happening there. And, think about it here....? Destroying faith has been a consistent tactic of tyrants for centuries. Attacks on free speech. I don't even have to detail this effort. It's not new and not stopping on college campuses, in professional sports, in media, in corporations... The New York Times wrote an article titled, When Speech is Violent. What was the message of this article? All speech should not be free. Someone needs to be responsible to decide what is acceptable speech and what is not. Social media has put themselves in this space. The mainstream news media has followed suit. This is authoritarian control. Political ideology. Marxism on the march. Bernie Sanders comes out of the closet, but calls it socialism. BLM proudly states it is a Marxist organization. Marxism's basic tenet is that Capitalism is bad and must be destroyed. This is an ideological purity test. America is bad. Biden says America has never achieved its ideal of 'liberty and justice for all'. The New York Times says the founding of the country was not 1776, but 1619, and we owe the entire history of our country to slavery. Many more related messages about America needs to be changed, usually cloaked behind equality, fairness and helping the oppressed. But, all are false messages. This is re-writing history. The messaging goes on every day. Look for them. But, what does this all mean? Throughout history, those countries who saw this kind of revolutionary activity in their countries, were taken over by totalitarian governments. Some from within (Nazi Germany, Venezuela), some through revolution (Russia, China, Cuba, No. Korea, etc).

We are in the throws of such a political revolution. 2021 in America, will be as 1931 in Germany. 1917 in Russia. 1959 in Cuba. Don't think it will? If Biden becomes President and Dems win the two Senate seats in Georgia, watch how fast our country is, as Barack Obama said, 'fundamentally transformed'! The messages are everywhere.

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