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'Kerosine' Maxine Goes Too Far, Again

from The Gray Area:
4/19/21; updated 4/20/21:

One of the things that gets the right fired up most, is the inconsistent attention the media applies to actions of Democrats vs Republicans. This weekend's outbursts by Maxine Waters (D-Ca) are the latest example.

Maxine Waters has been known throughout her career as a 'firebrand' politician. Her consistent and vicious attacks got her labeled as 'kerosine' Maxine. The nickname alone identifies her and her language as having been consistently 'incendiary'.

This time, she has stepped so far over the line, that a formal resolution to expel her from Congress is being developed. More importantly, the Chauvin trial judge says Maxine Waters' 'confrontational' protest remarks could fuel appeal.

update: Maxine Waters Responds To Judge Who Slammed Her For Calling On Protesters To Get ‘More Confrontational’

Pelosi On Whether Maxine Waters Should Apologize For Alleged Incitement: ‘I Don’t Think She Should’

The media coverage is as you would expect. They downplay Maxine Waters comments in the reverse of the way they hyped, and continue to hype, former President Trump's comments as inciting riots at the Capitol in January. In addition, her previous comments were played for the Senate at Trump's second impeachment trial by Trump's defense to illustrate the hypocrisy of the Congress on such language. If one was incitement, then the other is clearly incitement.

If you don't think she has generated any violent reactions, listen to these people:

Vandals target Barry Brodd's former home after testimony in Derek Chauvin's defense.

NYPD Told No Unscheduled Days Off as Derek Chauvin Verdict Looms.

Expert Witness Home Vandalized, Smeared With Pig’s Blood.

BLM Activist Asks When People ‘Ready to Get Blood on Their Hands?’.

But, this is worse. Waters is now interfering in an ongoing trial. An action that demands consequences.

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