1931 Germany - The Progressive Purge
Right-wing populist sentiment is being banished from American life by the brute force of social-media censorship. Along with that are a parade of media, Democrat politicians, former government bureaucrats and left wing activists, this is beginning to make America 2021 resemble, Nazi Germany, 1931.

Minister of Propaganda

from The Gray Area:
4/29/22; updated 5/1/22:
There are a couple of things that are dead giveaways as to what kind of government a country has. Every autocratic, tyrannical, socialist, Marxist, Communist, Nazi, fascist style government has a Minister of Propaganda or Minister of Truth. Such an office is needed in a control & compliance government in order for people to understand what the ruling elite or party wants you to believe. They want you to repeat it, to stand for it and to pray to the alter of these 'truths'. And, if you don't, you will be punished. There is no need for such an office in a free society. Truth is understood, historically consistent, usually provable, or part of scientific theory. And, if someone believes something else, they have every right to. Remember, its a free society. You can believe what ever you want. You can say whatever you want, no matter how stupid. The media and many politicians prove that 'stupid' axiom every day. Doesn't matter. Still, in a free society, the truth will always win. So, when you hear the Biden administration adds a Disinformation Governance Board, you know absolutely that a compliance and control, tyrannical government is being run in this country. Covid mask mandates, vaccine mandates, vaccine cards, un-vaccinated targeting, lockdowns, demonization of lockdown protestors were just small tactics to soften up the populace using Covid as an excuse. Other tactics include school boards taking over parental rights. CRT taught in schools, governments, businesses and the military. Military social engineering, political indoctrination and political loyalty evaluation. Reeducation and sensitivity training throughout society. Political persecution. And, much more. Many people have questioned, given the absolute insanity of actions from the Biden administration, who is really in charge. Its clearly not Biden. Its not Harris. It is not Pelosi or Schumer. Who is it? Obama? Many believe it is an international cabal desirous of reducing America's position in the world with certain America elite participating. The same group who were so afraid of Trump's MAGA theme, because America can not be great again and have this cabal's plans come to fruition. The Great Reset is getting a lot of press now as being behind all this. Maybe it is today, but this has been going on for a century. I tend to think it is bigger than that with more groups vying for leadership of the international cabal and American elite. The establishment of this office does not tell us who is behind the throne, but it does tell us where they want to go and it is unacceptable.

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