Impeachment 2021
Congress considers impeaching Trump a 2nd time for what they call his leading and inciting an armed insurrection on January 6th.

Dead on Arrival ?

from The Gray Area:

It was good to see the Senate vote on dismissing the second Trump impeachment as unconstitutional that Rand Paul submitted. The Senate voted 55-45 to reject motion from Rand Paul, and that tally indicates little support among GOP for conviction. This second impeachment is 'dead on arrival' as it should be.

This latest political attempt, after he has left office, to 'cancel' Donald Trump's presidency and insure that he does not run again is an obvious act of desperation of the Democrats. The reason is the left remains scared to death of what he represents, an America dedicated to the founding principles and not to political narratives and socialist interests.

The same Democrats and media who are righteously appalled at the riotous display (insurrection as they refer to it) on January 6th were supportive of what they called an 'uprising' all summer long. That supportive statements from Democrat politicians and media talking heads in support of said uprising, were not inciting the violence that ensues. Yet, the President, whose words were less inciting of insurrection than those in support of the uprising were, is to be laced on trial for high crimes sand misdemeanors.

It is my hope the 45 Republicans will hold there ground and some of the 5 will see there is no evidence to support this impeachment.

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