Impeachment 2021
Congress considers impeaching Trump a 2nd time for what they call his leading and inciting an armed insurrection on January 6th.

No, Trump Isn’t Guilty of Incitement

from The Gray Area:

The Democrat House will begin 'Impeachment part 2' this week, in the final chapter of the 'coup' they began in 2016. It is as much a political persecution as the first attempt, but has the media fueled emotion of last Wednesday's regrettable Capitol assault. President Trump did not incite a riot, an insurrection or an attack on the Capitol or our democracy. He did less that Democrat Senators and Congresspeople over the last 4 years and during this past summer to incite violence and damage our democracy. And, they got no negative attention from the media or the Congress in their attempts to drive a formal violent 'resistance'.

Weak kneed Republicans and Never Trumpers in the Senate will end up giving this hyper-speed process a chance as the final 10 days of the Trump presidency comes to a close. Hopefully, time will run out on this effort.

Washington Prosecutor Jeffrey Scott Shapiro details below why this cased has no merit. Unfortunately merit has no part in the drive to impeach and complete the Democrat 'coup' at the 11th hour.

By Jeffrey Scott Shapiro,

from The Wall Street Journal,

Inflaming emotions isn’t a crime. The president didn’t mention violence, much less provoke it.

House Democrats have drafted an article of impeachment that accuses President Trump of “incitement to insurrection.” Acting U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin said Thursday that his office is “looking at all actors here and anyone that had a role” in the Capitol riot. Some reporters have construed that as including Mr. Trump. The president didn’t commit incitement or any other crime. I should know. As a Washington prosecutor I earned the nickname “protester prosecutor” from the antiwar group CodePink. In one trial, I convicted 31 protesters who disrupted congressional traffic by obstructing the Capitol Crypt. In another, I convicted a CodePink activist who smeared her hands with fake blood, charged at then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in a House hearing room, and incited the audience to seize the secretary of state physically. In other cases, I dropped charges when the facts fell short of the legal standard for incitement. One such defendant was the antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan.

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