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Everyone should be concerned

from The Gray Area:
Prosecutors last week subpoenaing about 40 associates of former President Donald J. Trump and seizing phones from at least two of his aides. Democrat, Independent or Republican. Socialist, Progressive or Conservative. Every American should be very concerned over this latest announcement of attacks on individual citizens. This type of concern has been previously ignored and called conspiracy theories for years, even as we have watched example after example appear. In no particular order:
  • FBI Mar-A-Lago raid
  • FBI raid on Stone
  • vicious prosecution of Gen. Michael Flynn
  • Attempts to get Trump personal taxes
  • Attacking Trump businesses
  • Prosecution of Trump business associates
  • Russia collusion special counsel
  • False Steele Dossier
  • Trump campaign spied upon by government
  • IRS attack on conservatives
  • FBI involvement in 2016 false Trump investigations
  • 2 impeachments
  • Democrat Jan 6th congressional committee
Democrats, Progressives & Trump hating Republicans see nothing wrong with any of the above or prosecuting the "insurrectionists'. Yet, they conveniently ignore the 2020 summer riots, the taking over of cities, the VP bailing out of jail those arrested during the riots, the incitement of same by Congressmen like Maxine Waters and Speaker Pelosi, or the threatening of Supreme Court Justices by Chuck Schunmer. There has been no prosecutions of summer of 2020 rioters. There was no raid of Hillary Clinton's home for deleting 33,000 email under subpoena. There was no investigation of Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, et all from laptop. Instead, there was censorship of same. And, Congress has given the IRS the money it needs to go after Conservatives in an even more grand way. It is clear there is political persecution going on in the institutions of our government. Is this now a 'police state'? And now, 40 American citizens subpoenaed for no reason other than they voted for Donald Trump. Case in point, Mike Lindell. Will Lindell or any of these 40 people be found guilty of anything, probably not. But, the access to their personal information is penalty enough. That info will be used against them. Plus, more whistleblowers are coming forward from the FBI saying the FBI is working with Facebook to get personal information of Facebook users who happen to hold differing opinions from the prevailing political leadership and FBI leadership is overly politicized. Be concerned, be very concerned. America 2022 is Germany 1931. No one will be safe. More From The New York Times (subscription required): More From The New York Times (subscription required):

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