Defund The Police

LMAO! But, no, this is serious.

from The Gray Area:

Sometimes you don't even have to try.

How many people thought President Biden;s crime plan would be something other than gun control? Huh? How many? Oh right, of course, everyone!

Does his plan address any of the causes of our 2021 crime problem? No.

In a world of 'defunding the police', how does he think law abiding citizens will defend themselves against crime? No.

Does he say that he will aggressively take guns away from law abiding citizens? Yes.

Does he say how criminals will walk into police stations, oh, no, I mean social workers offices, and turn over the illegal guns they use for criminal activity? No.

But, but, he will be using COVID-19 funds to pay for this crime plan. Well, did anyone not see the use of COVID -19 trillions for pet Dem projects like gun control coming? No.

This whole thing is a joke!

Unfortunately, its not funny.

It's too serious to be left to today's left wing political class.

Another visible failure and, more importantly, departure from reality by the Biden Administration!

....the Biden initiative was an attempt to distract from the true causes of a rise in crime. “This is a political red herring aimed at hiding the real and abysmal failures of the Biden administration,” .... “Crime rates are high because of the efforts to defund the police and a failure to prosecute career criminals. The simple fact is strict enforcement of existing laws – including gun laws – coupled with support of law enforcement and prosecutors to do their jobs would result in a dramatic decrease in crime. But, the president would rather play politics than make Americans safer.”

from The Wall Street Journal,

President lays out his crime-prevention strategy as Republicans seek to tie increase in crime to calls for cuts to police departments

Republicans say Democrats haven’t responded sufficiently to the rise in crime and link it to a push by activists and some Democratic lawmakers to defund police departments following the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer last year. “Clearly, the Democrats own defunding the police, and so I think Republicans all across the country are going to talk about it,” said Florida Sen. Rick Scott, who leads Senate Republicans’ campaign arm.

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