2020 Election Disputes
The 2020 Presidential Election was undecided after November 3rd election day due to mail in ballots. Many disputes have arisen about timing, legality, & fraud during the counting of these ballots post-election day. Political & legal maneuvering will continue until these disputes are cleared up or the Supreme Court decides on them. Only then will a new President be declared from the 2020 Election. It has been known since the election process was expanded to include massive mail-in ballots due to COVID, that whichever side loses will consider the election fraudulent and stolen by the other side.

Another example of how an election is not over until a Democrat has enough votes to win

from The Gray Area:

... or a Democrat Party controlled body to appeal to.

The 2nd district Congressional race in Iowa is still undecided - in March. How can that be? Because a Democrat is contesting the results.

Donald Trump was considered part of an insurrection when he supported Congressional review of electors from the 2020 Presidential Election. Democrats doing the same against him in 2016, barely a peep out of the media or anyone else.

Now, after a recount, a bipartisan canvassing of the ballots cast in the race and having an option to appeal those results through the state's court system — a step Hart chose not to utilize - and instead turned to a partisan process in the Democrat House because they knew they could not win any other way.

We know how this will eventually end. Miller-Meeks will be escorted out of the House and Hart jubilantly welcomed in by Pelosi to replace her.


from KCRG 9 ABC,

Democratic candidate Rita Hart’s challenge to the November election win of Republican Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks is not over. According to television station KCCI, a U.S. House committee voted 6-3 to reject a motion to dismiss Hart’s petition to challenge the outcome. The vote was along party lines. Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate announced on Nov. 30 that the state canvassing board had certified the result in Iowa’s Second Congressional District race between Miller-Meeks and Hart. Miller-Meeks finished with 196,964 votes to Hart’s 196,958, a difference of only six votes. After the first count of votes in the state, Miller-Meeks held a 47-vote lead that was reduced by 41 during a full district recount. Zach Meunier, the campaign manager for Hart, issued a statement on Wednesday, saying that she will be ahead by nine votes if the 22 ballots they claim were legally cast and not counted get added to the result.

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