2020 Election Disputes
The 2020 Presidential Election was undecided after November 3rd election day due to mail in ballots. Many disputes have arisen about timing, legality, & fraud during the counting of these ballots post-election day. Political & legal maneuvering will continue until these disputes are cleared up or the Supreme Court decides on them. Only then will a new President be declared from the 2020 Election. It has been known since the election process was expanded to include massive mail-in ballots due to COVID, that whichever side loses will consider the election fraudulent and stolen by the other side.

Here is what Gohmert's suit is trying to accomplish

from The Gray Area:

According to Business & Politics Review, this is what Rep. Louis Gohmert's lawsuit is trying to accomplish.

At Issue is the Electoral Count Act, which establishes procedures for counting electoral votes in Congress after presidential elections.

The law was passed a decade after the widely disputed election of 1876, during which a number of states submitted competing sets of electors to a divided Congress.

Gohmert’s lawsuit claims that the act violates the 12th Amendment, which also instructs the president of the Senate...However, the amendment does not prescribe the manner in which ballots must be counted. In tossing out the federal law, Gohmert’s suit seeks to empower vice presidents under the 12th Amendment to count ballots as he or she sees fit

Just as in 1876, Republicans in several states — Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, New Mexico, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — have sent competing slates of electors to Congress..

“The 2020 presidential election was one we’d expect to see in a banana republic, not the United States of America,” Gohmert said in a statement. “This puts Vice President Mike Pence in a position where some argue he has to choose between morality and the law. That is not the case.

“It is also critical to note that as many formerly in the mainstream media, now the Alt-Left media, continue to say that every court has said there is no evidence of fraud. That is disingenuous, deceitful, and flat out dishonest. The truth is that no court so far has had the morality and courage to allow evidence of fraud to be introduced in front of it,” he added.

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