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Just Watch the Media Reaction

from The Gray Area:

1. If you want to understand what is happening at a Trump rally, just watch the media reaction. If they are sad, don't show it, don't talk about it, poke fun or call attendees names, then the rally is going well for Trump. 2. If they are happy, talk about it, give soundbite examples of Trump's mental limitations and incompetence or show some slip up by Trump, his supporters and his people coordinating the rally, then it went OK for Trump, but the media found some things they can negatively hype.

So what was Tulsa.

Clearly option 2. The media were giddy and all over themselves talking about the rally and its failure. Trump got spoofed by Tik Tok to expect hundreds of thousand of people. The arena was not full of empty seats. And of course they said his speech fell flat. The media constantly says crowds don't matter at rallies, because Democrats can draw a crowd. When they get luck and have a reasonable size crowd, the media hypes it incessantly. Crowd draws 15-20,000 for these things an they say they don't matter. When he draws 6,500 in Tulsa, they talk about how important it is and downplay the obvious issue of COVID security fears and. 11,000,000 watched it on TV. Fox is #1 for the week thanks to Trump rally. 6,500 showed up. Trump speech was on point for Biden, Democrats and rioters.

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