25th Amendement
Congress attempts to get Mike Pence (VP) to invoke the 25th amendment against President Trump in a last ditch effort to remove him from office and create a situation where he could never run again.

Trump DID NOT incite a riot, period.

from The Gray Area:
1/8/21; updated 1/10/21:

Okay, we are now 2 days beyond that heartbreaking scene at the Capitol on Wednesday, so let's start cleaning up the media and Democrat B--S---!

1. Trump DID NOT incite a riot, period. No more than he invited the Russians to hack Hillary Clinton's email. That is all media spin and not one piece of truth to either. He did say go to the Capitol, but not to break in. That kind of narrative creation is beyond ludicrous. They ignore Democrats and media support of violence this summer, with some at the time telling people to continue it.

2. Members of his Cabinet and other Republican leaders (Graham) are denouncing Trump. That is true enough, but how about a little perspective. Graham for one has consistently swung with the political winds in Washington the last 4 years. This is not unexpected, now that Trump's coat tails helped him win his re-election. As for Cabinet members quitting, they only have 12 days left in office anyway. It is a 'no harm to them' political move on their part to get out now and claim inability to support Trump's lunacy anymore. Why? Because the Democrats and the media have been attacking any and everyone in the Trump orbit for 4 years. This kind of late move will hopefully get the Democrats and the media off their backs in a post - Trump world.

3. Media calling these riots, an insurrection and a coup reveals the bias and political leanings of every media outlet. The double standard on protest and riots are clearly scene within the last 6 months, though it goes back decades. The BLM protestors in the summer were assaulting the White House, and all the media parroted was that Trump was a coward and hid in the basement. Didn't hear that 'coward' descriptor at the Capitol on Wednesday now did you? An the use of the word 'coup' is hilarious. They have carried on a coup for over 4 years against the Trump administration and the government of the United States, but that was all justified because the media didn't like the winner of the 2016 election. The media and the Democrats have been taking Trump's statements out of context, misstating what he says and out right lying about what he says with regularity. This is just more of the same.

4. Impeachment and the 25th amendment. This is clearly a strike while the iron is hot political move. The Democrats and the media have said for 4 years they want to perp-walk trump out of the White House. Since he has done nothing wrong, they failed. Now, for this brief moment while there is still ls smoke in the air before the dust settles and the truth is seen, they want to use the media narratives and the emotion to blame trump for riots, insurrection & coup to get him. They want him saddled with the 'impeached' moniker so he cannot run again. So that they can continue to go after him legally during his post presidential years. They would prefer if Pence or others int he administration invoked the 25th. Pence has said he will not. That is because he know s it is all political. Trump did not incite a riot or start a coup. But, they will still try to ram something through in the last 12 days. Hopefully they fail again.

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