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A major political narrative vs reality

from The Gray Area:

Political narratives bear little resemblance to reality. Political narratives are purposely established to reflect politically beneficial spin on a real current event that will favor an approved media narrative, a political party, or a desired political result.

The January 6th Capitol riot is a perfect example of that. It was immediately established as a 'riot' comprised of Trump supporters, who attacked the Capitol, tried to disrupt election ballot confirmation, were armed and the attack was planned in advance. From there it has grown into a coup, part of far right, white supremacist group activity, and much, much more. All this includes an purposeful ignorance of similarities with two other riots which the media officially refers to as peaceful protests. The eye popping 'gaslighting' here is shocking even for our media. But the purpose of this political narrative is two fold, to paint Republicans as white supremacist, nationalists interested in taking over the country, AND, most importantly, to stop Trump in 2024. Therefore, the worst they can spin it the better to achieve the desired results. While conversely and simultaneously, insuring that none of the left wing riots will be referred to as anything other than 'justified, peaceful protests', no matter how ridiculous the description may appear.

This is important because it provides clarity in reading media reports and separating reality from political narratives.

Below are two articles, republished from July & September 2021 regarding the Capitol Riot 2021.

The first from The Wall Street Journal titled; "Two False Narratives About the Capitol Riot". The second from the Federalist titled, "A Comparison Of The 2017 Inauguration Riot, 2020 George Floyd Riots, And 2021 Capitol Riot." These two articles shoot down a couple of the major themes from the supposed 'insurrection'.

One false theme is that we were 'dangerously close to losing out democracy'.

Another false theme is that this was a 'Trump coup attempt'.

Another false theme is this was an armed riot while the George Floyd summer of love and the 2017 inauguration rally were just protests and in no way compare to the Capitol riots of 2021. Still other false themes were republished this weekend by the Washington Post titled, "Red Flags" & "Bloodshed". Both bear no resemblance to the truth. Neither makes a realistic comparison to the other two riots mentioned above.

Read the two reviews below to balance the 'political narratives' presented across the mainstream media and the rest of the Democrat political network.

from The Wall Street Journal:

As the Jan. 6 committee meets, politics drowns out the actual story.

The falseness in the Democratic story line is the idea that America’s constitutional order was hanging by a lone thread. The chairman of the Jan. 6 committee, Rep. Bennie Thompson, claimed in his opening remarks Tuesday that “the rioters came dangerously close to succeeding” in their effort to “upend American democracy.” This is in service of Mrs. Pelosi’s political narrative that Mr. Trump conspired with a mob to stage a coup d’état. She wants to run against Mr. Trump again in 2022.

More From The Wall Street Journal:

from The Federalist,

Many say the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot is one of America’s darkest episodes. Others say the nationwide protests last summer over George Floyd’s murder were worse. Here's data about both -- you decide.

This chart is republished from Real Clear Politics’s live version. The original will be continuously updated, while this one is static. It is the current data as of 6 a.m. ET Sept. 13. For links to sourcing and to see the real-time updated chart, click here.

More From The Federalist:

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