COVID-19 Re-Opening

What's The COVID Endgame?

from The Gray Area:
7/20/21; updated 7/21/21:

We are back in the COVID debates again. The Delta variant is creating a new run of COVID cases and the political debate rages once more. Politicians and media talking heads say; more shutdowns, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, demand that companies & airlines require customers and employees to get the vaccine and mask up (even if you have had the vaccine).

There are lots of questions, legitimate ones. Does the vaccine protect you against the Delta variant? Can you get COVID, or the Delta variant if you have the vaccine? If you have had COVID, aren't you just as save as the vaccinated? And many more?

But, the real question is what is the endgame for COVID?

I haven't heard Pres. Biden, or any of his healthcare and pandemic advisors say what our endgame is. Do we run scared of it forever? Do we now always live in fear of increased cases followed by new lockdowns and mask mandates? Is herd immunity possible? Is 100% vaccinated population the end game?

President Biden, his administration and other Democrat politicians say if you are not vaccinated, you are killing people! That is at the least hyperbole, at the worst a political lie. This disease is not a death sentence. We have known that for almost a year now. We know who to protect and those people know they need to protect themselves. Children are dying. No, they are not. No child under 18 has died from COVID without a serious underlying condition, so says Johns Hopkins.

Do we think if we continue to hide in lockdowns or behind masks that COVID will go away? That is ridiculous. COVID, and its variants, is here to stay. Natural or manufactured, doesn't matter, it's here now, and here to stay.

So what is our endgame.

The Spanish Flu of 1918-19 is still with us. The Spanish Flu estimated to have killed 50 million world wide. It kills 70,000 people a year now. I know, we lost over 600,000 to COVID so far. But, the human body developed its own immune response to the Spanish Flu and now it is controllable, if you want to say 70,000 deaths is controllable vs 50M. The same is apparent with COVID-19. There is no rising death rate with the new rise in cases. The current death rate is at the same level of the Spanish flu. With the flu we get a shot every year, if we want to, which protects us from most strains of the flu and minimizes the disease if we contract it. Children get shots for other serious & deadly diseases like Polio, diphtheria, whopping cough, smallpox, the flu, and the list goes on. Older people get shingles shots. We do not live in fear of these diseases any more, even though they are still around.

To me the answer is as it has always been, herd immnunity, via exposure or vaccination. When the vaccine is available for anyone who wants it, then open up, for good. That time has come. Stop running scared. Stop politicizing. Give the facts to the public. Monitor the death rates. Open up, for good.

Remember: 1. COVID is here to stay, like the flu. React the same way. 2. Government control is not the answer. In America, the people run the government, or at least we used to. COVID is no reason to change that, though many far left socialist Democrats want to use it for that reason. 3. With regard to COVID and the flu, there are three types of people in the US: the vaccinated, those who have had COVID-19 (or the flu), and the un-vaccinated. We have a vaccine. We can improve on that vaccine. It is bringing us close to herd immunity. We can take it or not, up to us, just like the flu shot, or any other shot. You are not killing people if you walk around without a flu shot and you are not killing people if you walk around without a COVID shot. 4. We have mow determined what to do to improve our immune systems to fight this disease. Treatment plans exist, work well and should be used. Preventative care is very important for many things, not just COVID. 5. States like Texas & Florida have been doing very well recognizing how to react, but not overreact, to this disease. New York, California and others have been dismal failures doing the opposite. We have successful models.


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