COVID-19 Re-Opening

COVID is not a death sentence. Neither is the Omicron variant.

from The Gray Area:

OK, nobody wants to get sick. But 98% plus, depending on your sources, will get sick and recover from this disease. So why the fear?

Why do greater harm with lock downs, mask mandates, and vaccinating children who are not a risk?

If you were healthy, if you were vaccinated, if you’re not overweight and if you don’t have extenuating health circumstances this disease is a minor inconvenience to you. If you have already had the disease in the last 3 months, and are un-vaccinated, you still have the best immunity. If you are approaching 6 months since you had the disease, you should consider getting the vaccine to enhance your immunity. If you don't want the vaccine and are willing to take your chances, play close attention to your health and symptoms and stay away from people if you get any symptoms, even those which feel like a cold or allergy. If you are fully vaccinated, the same applies to you as to the un-vaccinated. You can get a breakthrough infection and spread it too. Pay attention to your symptoms and stay away from others if you are feeling bad.Because of differences in density of population, every state, city and county should publish their own guidelines appropriate to their circumstance. South Dakota and NYC are completely different places with completely different needs. The fear the media spreads is of no value to fighting the disease. The contradictory and incomplete stories they put out are of no use in fighting this disease. Yesterday The New York Times and The Washington Post put out specifically contradictory stories. That is of no use to anyone, illustrates the inconsistency of media reporting on COVID and the obvious realization that they have ulterior motives for such irresponsible reporting. Neither COVID, nor the Omicron variant, is a death sentence as the mainstream media would have you believe. They have even admitted it as noted below. But, continue to this day to publish fear. And, sadly the 'fear porn' still works on many people.

President Biden and his administration are no better. They pedal federal mandates, name calling, shaming, fear of losing jobs, possible criminal charges and panic the population, all for political purposes. This irresponsible panicked leadership is the opposite of what is needed. Now he even says, there is 'no federal solution'. Surprise to no one but him. What is the COVID endgame? Are we running scared or standing up? To date...running scared. It's is passed tome to stand up!

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