COVID-19 Re-Opening

Right on Cue

from The Gray Area:
2/15/21; updated 4/8/21:

It was discussed regularly during the run up to the November election that liberal COVID shutdown states/cities would magically find ways to reopen after the election.

Update: Today, The Washington Post touts Biden record at improving the COVID situation in just 75 days. Polls reveal that 65% of the people are positive about Biden's handily of the pandemic. They point to distribution of the vaccine, opening of cities and give Biden credit, though he has done nothing, for this progress. Yet, some remember that Trump predicted by April anyone who wanted a vaccine would be able to receive it. WaPo and other criticized him for making such a claim. Here is another example. Look at the NYT chart in the tweet below. The absolute peak of the winter COVID spike is almost exactly Biden's inauguration day. Coincidence? Hardly. Reporting changes? Likely. Natural winter cycle? Maybe.

Also, lets look at the situations by state. All through 2020, the media told us Gov. Newsom and Gov. Cuomo were doing things right shutting down hard. Govs in Florida, Texas & Arizona, too lenient, killing people. Even WaPo says Millions of jobs probably aren’t coming back, even after the pandemic ends

Now Newsom and Cuomo are under threat of impeachment by their states citizens. Even Democrats are starting to pile on. Ok, now that the election is over. Look at the comparison of results between Florida & California in this article. Easy to understand why people from both California & New York are moving there in droves.

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