According to Bill Gates, and many others on the left, "before the United States and other countries can return to business and life as usual, we will need some innovative new tools that help us detect, treat and prevent covid-19. It begins with testing. On the right, they believe that testing has ramped up now and is where we need it and availability is growing even faster. Worldometer results confirm the testing ramp to where the US now are exceeds the world in total Coronavirus testing. However, on a per million population basis, we rank only 42nd. Do we need 330 million tests (1 for every American) before we can reopen the country. That is the current debate.

False COVID Narratives Even Affect The Supreme Court

from The Gray Area:
There you have it, from the mouth of liberal Supreme Court Justice Sonja Sotomayor, "100,000 children in serious condition on ventilators"! The media panic porn has gotten even to her. She stated this during oral arguments on the Biden administration's vaccine mandate. Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch tweeted: While hospitalizations amongst children with COVID-19 have increased in recent weeks, nothing suggests that more than 100,000 children are currently in the hospital due to COVID-19. According to the CDC, the seven-day average of pediatric hospitalizations was around 3,700 this week, as reported in, of all places, the Washington Post. "Fact-checkers. Hello?" Even Dr. Fauci said, “a study from Ontario, Canada, that found the risk of hospitalization or death was 65% lower among people infected with omicron compared with individuals who caught delta. The risk of admission to an intensive care unit or death from omicron was 83% lower, according to the study,” CNBC reported. But, of course, he could change his mind the next day. The New York Times states that; four in 100,000 children aged 4 years or younger admitted to hospitals were infected with the coronavirus . 4 out of 100,000! And finally, 'We have not yet seen a signal that there is any increased severity in this age demographic,CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said. The data being reported included kids who were taken to the hospital for issues other than COVID-19 and then received a positive test result. Typical COVID scare tactics by the media that reach our highest levels of leadership as fact, not false narratives.

Second prize for being affected by false narratives at the Supreme Court goes to Justice Kagan:

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