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Political Backlash Forces WHO To Back Down on Asymptomatic Transmission

from The Gray Area:

After announcing on Monday that asymptomatic transmission of COVID-19 was "very rare" according to several studies, the WHO came back out today to clarify. The backlash over the preceding 24 hours was tremendous. Too many politicians worldwide have been using asymptomatic transmission as the excuse for keeping countries and cities closed down and instituting ever increasing government controls and tyrannical enforcement guidelines. This thinking had everyone watching their neighbors and turning people in if they did not comply 100% to the harsh guidelines because they may be killing their neighbors. If it is rare, the world can go back to 'normal'. Would that be an equally great and horrible ting, depending on your political persuasion.

There are other studies that say 45% of transmissions come from asymptomatic carriers. Hummmm?

I guess it still remains to be seen.

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