Coronavirus Oversight Committee
Speaker Pelosi announced an Oversight Committee to 'supposedly' see how the $2t stimulus money is spent. They can subpoena people to testify if they feel it necessary. This, even though, the stimulus bill has a 5 person bi-partisan panel specifically for oversight.

Haven't we seen enough of this yet

from The Gray Area:

Another whistleblower, really!

The Democrats and the media have an answer for very piece of bad news they get hit with.

Trump wins the 2016 election, 'Russia collusion' story is created. Remember the anonymous deep state whistle blower letter to the NY Times. The IG comes out with damning report, the story turns to 'children in cages at the border'. Russia Special Counsel bombs out, then we have Ukraine phone call whistle blower, followed by impeachment. Impeachment fails and you have politicization of COVID-19 and blaming Trump. Declassified documents put the hot light of corruption on scandal on the Democrats and the media, here comes whistle blower #3.

Haven't we seen enough of this already!

It's not going to stop all the way to November, and beyond. It is a standard and unfortunately successful strategy of the left in conjunction with the media allies.

So turn off the news, shake your head in disgust, chuckle at the embarrassingly obvious tactics, relax and enjoy re-opening the country. The, show up in November and vote for Trump. If that makes you uncomfortable, then vote against the Marxist revolutionaries who have taken over the Democrat party. When you now know who is lying to you, it's really not hard to vote agaisnt them and for someone you may not like, but who loves our country as much as you do.

Unfortunately, as I said above, this leftist strategy will continue after the election for 4 more years. But, at least you will have someone fighting for you in the White House (and hopefully the Senate too).

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