Quid Pro Quo?

from The Gray Area:

Yesterday's release of the audio of conversations between Joe Biden and the former Ukrainian President have stirred up the expected point-counterpoint in the left and right leaning media.

When you think about it, there is an interesting comparison to be made here. When you look at the Trump call with the new Ukrainian President and this conversation between Biden and the former Ukrainian President, don't they sound similar? Yet one was a horrible 'quid pro quo'. And, this one is not.

The left is quick to say about this exchange with Biden that Giuliani & a Ukrainian lawmaker released the tape as a new political broadside against the presumptive Democratic nominee who has raised questions about the 2016 election. The right calls it abuse of power to protect his son and grounds to disqualify Biden as a candidate for President.

On the Trump call with Zelensky, however, the same left and media proclaimed it grounds for impeachment, while the right said it was a political theatre.

Curious at the very least.

Here is the audio of the Biden call and the transcript of the Trump call. You decide . The same? Different? Criminal? Or, nothing?.

Transcript of cal between Trump & Zelensky.

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