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Covington Kids Deserve Our Admiration, Not Condemnation

from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: This afternoon on CNN Right Now, the host of CNN Right Now, Brianna Keilar, asked the CNN religion commentator and author, Father Edward Beck, about the confrontation between Covington Catholic High School students and the frail and elderly Indian activist beating on his war drum.

BECK: The students acted inappropriately. I was raised at a time when we were taught respect your elders. With regard the hats, the hats that they were wearing — the so-called MAGA hats or “Make America Great Again” hats — come with a certain political agenda that, in my opinion, can be seen as anti-Catholic, anti-Christian, ’cause abortion is not the only pro-life issue. What about immigration and the migrants? What about capital punishment? What about the environment and climate change? And so by wearing that hat, it’s saying that you’re aligning yourself with a political agenda. The students had no right to be wearing that hat. Wear a school hat. RUSH: “The students had no right to be wearing that hat.” This is a guy — and they do, by the way. It’s called America. Is this guy a priest? What is he? “Father Edward Beck, CNN religion commentator.” So he’s an uber-leftist. We know that. He’s author Father Edward Beck. (impression) “The students acted inappropriately. I was raised at a time when we were taught respect your elders.” This guy is so uninformed… I’m really steamed about this, because this is an adult — supposedly a responsible adult, supposedly a religious leader — and he is perpetuating a lie. Those boys were the epitome of respect. Those boys were the epitome of “respect your elders,” and this guy, he either knows it and is simply furthering his political agenda or he is blatantly ignorant. We had the father of one of the boys call the program yesterday in the last hour of the program. So I don’t know how many people didn’t hear. It I just want to repeat something I said to him. I think that those kids, those students, acted to lower the temperature of that circumstance. They were the ones that were being subjected to the abuse. They were being subjected to vile verbal assault and insult by the black Hebrew nationalist whatever they are, and then the Indians coming over and beating the war drum and getting in the face of this kid. This kid said, “I made a calculated decision to stand my ground and smile, to not provoke. Don’t say anything. Don’t act out in any way.” These kids were obviously well raised. See, in my thinking… I want to try to find the right way to say this. But I think the kids that I’ve seen on TV and their parents that I have seen and heard and read, are as close as we’re gonna get to model citizens in this circumstance as we can find. They obviously come from families that are educated, rounded, well-rounded, grounded, and raised properly. Their parents can be proud as they can be of these boys and the way they behaved based on that that they faced! It wasn’t that long ago that the boys in that story would have been proclaimed as the adults. And if we’re gonna start conferring hero status, they would have been the ones to earn it!

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