Socialism, Marxism & Communism are variations on the same ideology. Basically: • Government ownership of means of production • No private property • Redistribution ("From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs") • Leadership by elites or dictator. Marxism is the political and economic theories of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, in which the concept of class struggle in the current order of society stems from its economic system, capitalism; that in this system there are two major social classes; that conflict between these two classes is the root of all problems in society. The underlying principle: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs". In practice, it often leads to violence since, according to Marx, a revolution is necessary in order to smash capitalism and proceed to the following stage. It also advocates for a proletariat dictatorship after the revolution to fight back any counter-revolution from the recently fallen bourgeoisie (capitalists). All Marxist forms of government in the past 150 years have been oppressive on it's citizens and as a result have failed! Because of this, today, radical leftist are taught to use the term 'socialism' and to make the point that socialism works in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and others. Conveniently misrepresenting the situations in those countries and leaving out Cuba, Venezuela, et al.

Marxism Explained in 2 Minutes


“Marx was the greatest social scientist of the 19th century…” says Professor Deirdre McCloskey. “But he got everything wrong.”

One comment on the video: I'll try to explain the video...the argument in opposition to Marxist ideology implies that the lower & middle class can achieve the same or greater wealth and power that the upper class, because class doesn't determine your success or failure. Free Enterprise gives the common person the leverage to achieve the Wealth and Free Time so that the individual can self-determine their own destiny.

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