Does this sound familiar?

from The Gray Area:

It is not surprising to most Americans to hear that Putin just signed a measure to silence journalists and put them in jail. Russia and the former Soviet Union, as well as China and other authoritarian regimes have done this for millennia.

Well, below is a section from a Daily Wire story about this development. See if the bolded line within sounds familiar at all to you.

Several media outlets stopped their operations in Russia as Russian President Vladimir Putin took action against journalists. As Fox News reported, on Friday, Putin signed a measure into law that would put journalists in jail for publishing information that goes against officials’ statements concerning the Russian war in Ukraine. “Under the new law, reporters face up to 15 years in prison if they report what authorities deem as false reports about the military. The legislation was passed by both chambers of the Russian parliament,” the outlet noted.

Let me help you with this.

Following is a sample of Facebook's community standards:

Community Standards outline what is and is not allowed on Facebook. These policies are based on feedback from our community and the advice of experts in fields such as technology, public safety and human rights. Twitter, YouTube, Google, et al, social media companies have versions of these same standards.

Do these 'community standards' and the new Russian legislation against media sound similar to you? A set of 'standards are established', including what are 'deemed false' or otherwise 'not allowed' to be published as determined by 'experts'.

And, you think this is censorship by Russia, but not in the USA. Curious?

Lets examine another article, from The Washington Post, regarding social media censorship in Russia.

Russia’s Internet censorship agency announced on Friday that it plans to block access to Facebook throughout the country, joining a small handful of the world’s most repressive regimes in cutting off its citizens from the world’s largest social network. Of course, blocking Facebook isn’t really about upholding free speech ... It’s an act of intimidation aimed at bringing other social networks to heel.

So, Russia is intimidating those who say things they don't like, but Facebook, and others in the US who do the same thing, are just protecting against misinformation. Very curious, suspect and politically convenient conclusions.

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