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Leading the media farther left with narrative support

from The Gray Area:
Columbia School of Journalism is the largest and most prestigious journalism school in the country. Many of today’s journalists have graduated from the undergraduate or graduate programs from Columbia. It has been understood for decades that schools of journalism teach un-American and left to far-left views on reporting the news. As such, the American news media has not been a 'reporter' of news, but a 'creator' of news and opinion for decades. Columbia issues a daily newsletter, Columbia Journalism Review (CJR), which offers commentary on news of the day and the impact that news has on and for journalists. Reading this newsletter illustrates the one-sided, blind and biased focus of news reporting. The newsletter uses it's position, on a daily basis, to reinforce anti-American, left-wing philosophy over straight news reporting. It states what, when, where, and on whom specific descriptors are used and censorship should be applied. Reading any one issue of CJR will serve as evidence of this illness in journalism. But, here is one from today that reveals several of these points; The similar dilemmas of covering Musk and Trump.
  • Do journalists need to change the way we write about Elon Musk? Casey Newton, who writes the Platformer newsletter, is among those who think that we do. Musk’s behavior as the owner and (until recently) CEO of X, the company formerly known as Twitter, may have started out  mesmerizing, like a multicar pileup on the freeway, but at some point, his penchant for making statements and promises that are not only untrue, but will likely never become true, raises questions about how we should cover him.
  • When he acquired X, Musk said he wanted to create a politically neutral platform. But in December, Charlie Warzel, of The Atlantic, argued that, judging by Musk’s actions since he bought the company, it is fair to characterize him instead as a “far-right activist” and his purchase of the company as an explicitly political act, aimed at advancing the right’s “culture war against progressivism.”
  • In an essay about Trump coverage in 2018, Kyle Pope, CJR’s editor and publisher, wrote that he had hoped, after the election, that journalists would “not let Trump, and his acolytes, control the conversation.” Instead, Pope wrote, journalists should decide what mattered.
There it is! What is consistent in the media coverage of Musk and Twitter since his acquisition, is his view that old Twitter was a left wing, censorship and propaganda machine and he wanted to make it neutral. Neutral to the left means moving it to the right, because that is how to get to the center from the left. Just like moving to the center from the right means moving to the left. Moving rightward, even a little, is unacceptable to the far left, which includes the media. As CJR states, it is all about who determines what is an untruth, and who determines what matters. If the ‘journalist’ decides something is untrue, then it is called such. If a ‘journalist’ determines something the President of the United States says doesn’t matter, then it is not reported. We know from the 4 years of Mr. Trump’s presidency, the media did just that. They censored his political rallies and any statements he made to the public they felt the public should not hear. Those same guidelines were not applied to Democrat politicians or business people. As long as they supported the preferred political narratives, they were reported on as being truthful and everything they say matters. And, this is apparently okay with CJR. This article ends with a necessary and revealing ‘trump-card’: ‘X (then Twitter) helped blast Trump to the White House.’ Which, by the way, is untrue. Twitter shadow banned political information from Trump and others they didn’t like, cancelled conservative voices, promoted false narratives (Russia collusion) and censored anti-Biden information (like Hunter’s exploits) before the election, clearly for political purposes. Journalists are doing their job if they keep Trump, and anyone they determine is like him, out of the White House and out of prominence (Musk)! The point of all this is that the media, and their directors, in this case CJR, have created narratives in the news around Elon Musk and Donald Trump. They have decided each should apply to both. Those narratives are negative, not because negative is true, but because negative is their view of the subject and they control what is described as true and what matters. More From CJR:

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