Since Twitter Is 'Fact-Checking,' Here Are Some Tweets We'd Like Them to Take a Look At

from PJ Media,

Social media giant Twitter is taking upon itself the challenge of arbitrating what is truth and fiction about President Trump’s tweets. The reputed Minister of Truth at Twitter, Yoel Roth, whose job it is to determine that there is no such thing as mail-in ballot fraud, you imbecilic “tangerine racist,” “Nazi” lover, has determined that Trump’s prediction of voter fraud is “misleading.”

Minister of Truth Roth made sure to refer people to news sites, manned by the same reporters who brought you that crack reportage on the Trump spying scandal, Obamagate.

Still, hope springs eternal, and as long as you’re in the business of truth-detecting political thought and opinion, here are a few tweets that the rest of America would like to have checked out by the Twitteratti at Twitterster of Truth.

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