Twitter’s Censorship Method

from The Wall Street Journal,

What a depressing spectacle. On Wednesday the Senate Commerce Committee held a hearing on online speech, questioning the CEOs of Twitter, Facebook and Google. Twitter’s Jack Dorsey was the focus, two weeks after his company launched a crackdown against independent journalists to protect Joe Biden from public scrutiny. Twitter blocked all links to a New York Post story on Hunter Biden’s business dealings, and the Post’s account remains locked to this day.

The dazed-looking Mr. Dorsey gave the impression he could not care less about his company’s abuse. Democratic Senators cheered on politicized social-media censorship and demanded the companies do more of it, giving a preview of the type of internet controls that might be coming if they control the Senate. “There’s no both sides when one side has chosen to reject truth,” said Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth.

Republicans missed opportunities to make a case for why robust political exchange is in the interest of all Americans, regardless of their party.

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