Was Anyone Really Surprised?

from The Gray Area:

Facebook’s Oversight Board on Wednesday upheld the social network’s ban on former president Donald Trump, but punted the ultimate decision back to the company...recommending that it either permanently ban or reinstate the president within six months...

So, who was surprised by this decision? No one, of course.

Although, some on the left were reading wishfully that it was confirmed as a permanent ban:

Facebook is a private company and can do whatever it wants, there is no question about that. There was also no question that Standard Oil could do whatever it wanted as a private corporation, until the government broke the company up for being a monopoly and using unfair trade practices to control the oil industry. Ma Bell (American Telephone & Telegraph) was a private corporation and could do whatever it wanted, until the government broke up their communications monopoly. The outsized impact of Twitter, Google and Facebook has reached monopoly status. As such, their decisions have a greater impact than just a corporation doing what it wants. They control and monopolize the social media space. They should be broken up to allow fair competition in social media OR the Supreme Court should cite them for unlawful censorship, journalistic bias and limiting free speech. It's that simple!

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