Is the Facebook whistleblower a set up?

from The Gray Area:

A few thoughts gathered from various places over the past week: Came over to Facebook from Pinterest because she wanted to do more misinformation banning. She was a member of team to censor Hunter Biden story in 2020. Social media record reveals a hard core, woke progressive. Could this is all coordinated? She is working with Democrat legal and PR operatives. Specific list of media allowed to participate in leaked documents. Starting with 60 Minutes.

Meeting with the Jan. 6th committee meeting. Why outing Facebook, a dedicated Democrat supporting organization, in the scam? Tucker Carlson - Matt Walsh discussion Curiously promoted by the mainstream media. They only promote whistleblowers who support a political narrative, i.e., Ukrainian phone call impeachment whistleblower, NYTimes embedded WH whistleblower, etc. Other whistleblowers, see Project Veritas, are ignored by the media. Is she an actual whistleblower, or is this published to support an agenda? Just saying... It will become evident, one way or the other in coming weeks.

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