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'Bi-partisan' gun control deal = bad

from The Gray Area:
Until we see the details of the bi-partisan gun violence bill, we have to say it is bad. And, because I have no confidence in language in this bill that will be clear, useful and constitutional, i have no problem saying this is bad legislation.

I understand and agree with the goal of the 20 group of senators. All in all, they surprised me with what they were able to negotiate. However, the existing bill passed by the House is completely different than what the Senate bi-partisan deal is. How will they be able to combine them? Provisions in the HOuse bill are completely unacceptable. Now the work moves to the Senate. Some concerning policies are reportedly part of the negotiations:

For the most part, I expect the Senate and House negotiation to continue to be nothing but the political narrative regarding 'gun violence'. That is not the issue with mass shootings. We have a deeply flawed culture, which requires we start with everything other than gun control. Hardening schools would stop mass shootings in our schools overnight! But, no one wants to fix the real problem. We Have Effective Gun Violence Solutions. You Just Won't Listen. If you want to stop 'gun violence', start in major US cities like Chicago. But, no, lets continue to ignore that. If the agreement between ten Republicans with Democrats holds through negotiations, then the final bill will likely pass and become law. Senators aim to move legislation before the July 4 weekend. This must not happen! We can do so much better. More From Daily Signal: More From Florida Today: More From Western Journal: More From Heritage Foundation: More From The Federalist: More From The Gray Area: More From The Gray Area:

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