Mass Shootings

Tragedy in Colorado and this is the headline from WaPo

from The Gray Area:
3/23/21; Updated 3/27/21:

Updated: The shooter used a pistol, not an AR rifle as media reported.

Politics, first, last and always with the Washington Post. They are true to their tagline, "Democracy Dies in the Darkness". That's all they give the public is darkness.

This tragedy is not about the dead or their grieving families. (Update: WaPo, 2 days later, published a story about the victims, after spending those two days on gun control.) It is not about the motive of the shooter. It's about the political narrative of gun control, and how it will stop these type of killings.

It will not. It will only take guns away from law abiding citizens. The bad guys will still have the guns they need. So instead, lets discuss what is really happening and address that. Address the source of the problem, not the tool used. Remove the tool, you still have the source and the violence. No, can't talk about the source of the problem, because the objective is not fixing the problem, the goal is eliminating guns!

But, ignore all that and lets talk about the law that was blocked by a judge 10 days ago. As if letting the law be implemented would have stopped this tragedy.

Also, of course, Biden is jumping in and threatening executive actions to address 'Gun Violence'. Way to go, Prez.

No racism charges yet from the media, though the shooter appears to have been of middle eastern heritage and everyone of those killed appear to have been white. Where is the media outrage to end anti-white race hate?

Despicable, but consistent in hyping favored political narratives over journalism by our mainstream media.

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