The Antifa movement, according to Wikipedia, is a conglomeration of autonomous, self-styled anti-fascist militant groups in the United States. The principal feature of antifa groups is their use of direct action, harassing those whom they identify as fascists, racists or right wing extremists. Conflicts are both online and in real life. Though AntiFA is supposed to stand for "anti-fascist", in fact these young bullies have taken on the appearance and tactics used in the 1930s by the fascist brown shirt hoodlums of Germany!

I'm leaving Seattle for Texas so my employees can be free: Billion dollar business owner

from The Gray Area:

This is the essence of the cultural and political battles being fought in this country. Simple and straight to the point. I welcome Mr. Rex and his team to Texas. Unfortunately, he is moving from the fireplace into the fire - Austin - SF/Seattle in the central time zone! Whew, I wish you luck.

from FoxBusiness,

San Francisco and Seattle have become hostile to the principles and policies that enable people to live abundantly in the broadest sense

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