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Mainstream Media goes after Trump - not Players

from The Gray Area:

Mainstream Media goes after Trump for having an opinion on those NFL players who decided to kneel, raise a fist or stay off the field at last night's opening pre-season games. Others have had opinions about the subject this week, too. Ii is interesting, or more appropriately, telling, thatthe media did not go after the players. Some did.

Don't you have to ask yourself, what is the news here? Players disrespecting the anthem or someone having an opinion?

The news is players continue to disrespect the flag and the country, period! When the opinion is the President of the United States or a Hall of fame player, obviously that is news too. But, when it is 'the news", "the headline" and consistently the headline of every left wing media outlet, it becomes obvious what the objective of those news organization are - Get Trump - on any and everything - of course, no surprise there.

No journalism either.

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