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from The Gray Area:

The Supreme Court stood by the Constitution today by not allowing 'rouge presidential electors' to vote against the wishes of it citizens. That would usually be a reason to celebrate, but today something else happened. The Supreme Court voted 'UNANIMOUSLY', 9-0!

The four liberal justices actually voted with the Conservative all in favor of the Constitution.This is a highly unusual outcome and worthy of note. Will it happen anymore, doubtful. Though it was on an easy case, But the fact that it happened at all is amazing.

Now, don't get too comfortable with the Constitution o this issue. The court said that the stats can decide what their electors do. 32 now have laws to punish or replace electors who do not vote with there citizens. Other liberal states have already begun the effort to take the vote away from it s citizens by either writing new law to allow rouge electors or writing laws to have their state electors vote along with the national vote total. Which means whoever wins the national vote is who, Colorado for example, will vote for. No matter who their state's citizens voted for.

Imagine what happens during the next national election. Turnout in those states will fall to virtually zero. Why, because their vote obviously does not count.

This is one of the first steps to eliminating the right to vote in America. Who wants that? Those who require continuous power. which citizen voting threatens.

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