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Breakdown of the Electoral College Votes

from The Gray Area,
This bizarre election year continued bizarre on Monday when the Electoral College arrived to vote for President according to how their respective states voted on November 8th. Protests occurred in a few places around the country in final attempts to get Trump electors to change their votes to someone else, preferably for the protestors, to Hillary Clinton. One protestor in Wisconsin, seen in the following video, was particularly crazed. On Election Day, Donald Trump earned 306 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton’s 232. After the Electoral College voted, it was Trump 304, Clinton 227. 7 "faithless" electors voted for 5 others for president. Ironically, some might say appropriately, Hillary lost more votes to elector defections than did Trump. According to NBC, some electors broke with how their state voted in unexpected ways.
  • In Washington, a state Clinton won by 16 points, the former secretary of state received just eight of the state’s 12 electoral votes. Colin Powell received three votes and Native American tribal leader Faith Spotted Eagle received one as part of an effort to promote a candidate other than Trump.
  • An elector in both Maine and Minnesota attempted to cast a ballot for Bernie Sanders, who unsuccessfully challenged Clinton in the Democratic primary. However state laws requiring electors to follow the statewide vote invalidated both efforts.
In all, five electors who were supposed to support the Democratic ticket ended up breaking ranks – one backed an independent senator, three supported a Republican from George W. Bush’s cabinet, and one voted for a Native American activist – while two Republican electors also bucked the GOP ticket, leaving Ohio Gov. John Kasich and former Rep. Ron Paul with one vote each. Seven different people ended up receiving electoral votes – five of whom didn’t earn them – which is the most in the United States since 1796. The seven “faithless electors,” was the most since the 1800s. More From MSNBC:

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