Our polarized acceptance of data may be costing lives. We can and should do better

1/4/23; updated 1/6/23
from The Gray Area:
1/4/23; updated 1/6/22:
August 22, 2022 I posted an article about 'our polarized acceptance of data'. From COVID to climate change, and beyond, we only accept the data that supports our approved political narratives. This article was written about the debate over an Icelandic study of 'how COVID re-infection rates increase with the number of vaccine doses'. One would think that we should clearly understand this claim and not just use political opinion to cancel it. But, no, the narrative police just blew it off. This week, based on a spate of vaccine related news regarding heart issues and deaths among those who have taken the vaccine, and continued concerns about re-infection rates from the vaccine, it seems I should update & re-post those August 2022 thoughts. This week, we have seen the following: But, we have also seen: Okay, you get the point. There is legitimate concern about the heart related affects of the COVID vaccine. Why not get the two sides together? And, then, there was this: The nature of scientific study is to present the data on a subject completely. Manipulation of numbers and science is not a new technique. What is new, is the wholesale support of the effort by political leaders, government leaders and the worldwide media establishment. One would expect those groups to be more mature and thorough in their analysis of data. But, sadly, they are not. I suspect, though I do not know, that the person who wanted to discredit the COVID reinfection rate hypothesis in the Icelandic study, is also a climate change alarmist person who ignores similar 'low probability' disclaimers in the climate change scientific studies. Why? Because one fits the narrative and one does not. In 2020, the Democrat establishment (politicians & media) went on ad nauseum, even suggesting criminality if you did not get your COVID vaccine. They said you were killing people if you did not get the shot and wear a mask. Much of this has been disproven since then. Now without scientific discussion on the affects of the vaccine, we may be killing more people. We both can and must do better.

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