A Young Reporter's Distorted View of Reality - frightening!

from The Gray Area:

If you want to understand both the threat from China and the threat of Socialist propaganda among the young in the United States, read this article and post.

The author describes herself and "a whole generation of China hands in America, myself included, dedicated lives and years to the hope that the Chinese government could perhaps become as good and wise as the people it governs. It's really hard to accept that we were wrong. It's a profound grief."

If you are not shocked to your core that supposedly well educate young people would actually think that they "want there to be a better superpower than the US has been. Maybe China! And, are 'profoundly grief' stricken that it may not be, is terribly frightening.

Frightening because of a young reporter's distorted view of reality.

Frightening because it is not just her, but includes her "whole generation".

Frightening because of the destructive potential of Democrat control of all US government on January 20th.

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