Around the world, citizens of war torn countries in the Middle East (Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan), Africa (Libya, Sudan), Central & South America and others are fleeing oppression and death to reach freedom and safety. Europe is being overrun with these refugees. This experience is adding greater fuel to the already passionate immigration debate in the US by the needs of these refugees. We must remember that refugees are a portion of the immigration issue. Compassionately, the plight of refugees needs to be prioritized over all other types of immigration. Realistically, the vetting of legitimate refugees is still required, given the violent turmoil in the world, the infiltration of the extremists into the refugee population and that threats directly at the United States.

"Who Built The Cages, Joe?"

from The Gray Area:

At last night's Presidential Debate, border security, immigration and handling of refugees was one of the topics of discussion. The usual point/counter-point of secure the border vs open borders culminated in an exchange regarding separating children from their parents at the border. A story was conveniently published ahead of the debate describing 545 children who are still being held in cages at the border and not re-united with their families. This story became the basis for a rehash of this specific talking point.

During this exchange, former VP Biden accused President Trump and his Administration of being heartless and cruel, not exhibiting the values of this country by setting up cages, separating kids, and then holding them indefinitely. Trump responded that the kids are well taken care of and not in cages. He also pointed out that the Obama/Biden Administration built the cages and the separation policy which only got changed during the Trump administration. Biden however continued his emotional attack on Trump's heartless policies. This ended with Trump asking Biden, "Who Built The Cages, Joe?".

This is a memorable line from the debate, but like many lines from any debate, is it true? Does it clarify or confuse the issue? The fact is that it is true, the cages were built by the Obama Administration. Separating children began during the Obama Administration. Pictures of kids in cages were from 2014, during the Obama administration. Shame on the media, as always, for misrepresenting those pictures in 2017,18.

Today, even post debate commentary by left leaning media like USA Today and The Washington Post had to agree that the answer to the question of cages being built by the Obama Administration is true. But, as you would expect from these left leaning publications, they spent thousands of words trying to cast shade on that truth.

What is the real point of all this is? The immigration talking points from Democrats has been for years that Trump is a bad, heartless person, doesn't allow refugees seeking asylum to enter the country, tears children from the arms of their parents, locks them in cages and leaves them there to rot. None of this is true. What is true is that Trump stopped the Obama immigration policy of 'catch and release'. Which meant we stopped people at the border, asked them to show up later for a hearing and let them enter. Very few would ever return and would get lost inside our country. Some living with relatives, some criminals, some living off the generosity of the American system, still others homeless. With caravans of people literally invading our southern border, this policy was a dismal failure. No country can let random hordes of people enter that way. Trump got rid of 'catch & release' and replaced it with 'zero tolerance'. Granted, a harsher strategy, that said if you come to our border you must come legally and pass the border guidelines for entry and asylum. Granted further, our asylum policies need improving, but Congress has not been able to agree on that for decades.

Implementing his 'zero tolerance' strategy, Trump ran into the cages and the law that said you cannot incarcerate children when their parents broke the law, requiring separation. He then went to the courts to change this, signed an executive order and it got modified. The initial results of this 'zero tolerance' was immediately halting caravans of refugees at the border creating a backlog and an initially bad situation at the border. Continuously implementing and improving the process has resulted in as secure a southern border as we have ever had with individual and families handled better and better and the support in this from our neighbors on the border.

As to children and their parents, a spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security clarified the situation and corrected media reports this way: “DHS has taken every step to facilitate the reunification of these families where the parents wanted such reunification to occur. ... The simple fact is this: after contact has been made with the parents to reunite them with their children, many parents have refused. In the current litigation, for example, out of the parents of 485 children whom Plaintiffs’ counsel has been able to contact, they have yet to identify a single family that wants their child reunited with them in their country of origin.”

So these parents either never came with their children to the US or came and left them with relatives either to provide them a better life or, heaven forbid, to get away from them.

It would be nice if we could start debating reality and real solutions. Sadly, the debate point is not about a strategy at the border. It is about an ideology and how it is applied at the border. Open borders is the application of a one-world, globalist society ideology. You can tell from watching the actions of people around the world, we as humans are not ready for such an plan. And if we were, would it be a Marxist, Socialist society or a open free society. That is the honest debate to have.

In the meantime, shelter and feed the refugee, stop the criminal and protect your citizens.

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