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Hampshire College, the flag, and the sleeping giant

from American Thinker,

Elite, expensive Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts has become the epicenter of a new wave of protests, this time not from the young, brainwashed left, but from a bunch of old guys whom heretofore you may have run into only on bingo night at your local VFW. If you weren’t already aware, Hampshire College lowered its flag to half staff following the election of Donald Trump. College officials claim that the action wasn’t an objection to Trump’s election, but rather a dissent against campaign hate speech. Lowering Old Glory wasn’t enough for some Hampshire students, though, so they tore it down and burned it. Since then, the college brain trust issued an edict that all flags be removed from campus. Period. But something happened on the way to the campus quad: the little people decided they weren’t going to just stand by and watch.

Since the lowering, burning, and banning of the flag, over a thousand American veterans showed up at Hampshire College to express their displeasure. Sporting Vietnam and Korean war hats and waving flags of every shape and size, the vets held a rally of their own to protest the Hampshire College decree. Fox News interviewed the incensed patriots: I would die for this flag, I fought for this flag, I lived for it. This stands for all the veterans around the whole nation, everybody who fought for this flag…it’s more than just a symbol. Tucker Carlson grilled Hampshire College student Daniel Vogel on this very issue last week. Vogel, who claims he wants to be a history teacher but could only name one country in Africa, was eviscerated by Carlson’s wit and wisdom. An uneven verbal match-up, to be sure. Carlson sliced and diced this poor matriculating Hampshire intellect until the viewer was left doubled over laughing. It was so funny that we played it on Thanksgiving for sheer amusement, making it the looney left highlight of the day. An Air Force vet in our family laughed so hard we thought we might have to call the medics. In accepting the nomination of his party and throughout the campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly said he would be our voice. Perhaps he’s done one better. Perhaps he’s given us our own voice back – and in doing so, awakened a sleeping giant.

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