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"Flag burning is completely ridiculous"

from The Gray Area:

There is always an extremely small group of malcontents and lunatics in every gathering. If it is a small gathering, there may be one. If there is a state wide gathering, there may be 10. A nationwide gathering may include a hundred. Any gathering of people will include people with extreme opinions and poor judgement. Flag burning in this country is done by that group of people and it is, as Jason Miller, Trump’s senior communications adviser, said, "completely ridiculous".

Just think about it for a minute. You are mad at the United States of America, so you take it out on the flag which represents the country. But, wait, let's think that through. It is that same flag that people have died to defend that gives you the right to burn the flag. So, the flag you are burning, you should be glorifying, not burning.

But, no, the nut jobs, who can't see past the 'joints' in their mouths, don't understand that basic point.

The other side is true too. Burning a flag should not be outlawed, as the flag represents the free speech that burning the flag enables. Totalitarian countries like Cuba, China, the former Soviet Union, would imprison people for such acts. That is not the USA.

Most Americans find the practice abhorrent because the stupidity that screams from the act is too obvious to ignore.

Another missed point in this debate is that the right to burn a flag does not eliminate the right of another American's duty to defend the flag.

So, if you are dumb enough to want to burn a flag, another American has every right to take exception to that act.

None of your rights gives you the right to infringe or eliminate the rights of others or to experience the consequences of your actions.

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