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A Disabled Vet Confronts Misguided Protestors Standing on a US Flag

from The Gray Area:

This is what our once great country is coming to. Brainwashed youth, erroneously thinking they are standing for something, when in actuality they are destroying the very thing that they need in order to taking a stand. A symbol of freedom.

We are losing the young in America to false narratives and a lack of knowledge about the founding of this country. High School doesn't teach it any more. College not only doesn't teach it, it teaches the false narratives. And, our news media and pop culture support the erroneous narratives on a daily basis. The squeaky wheel of the few misguided and disenchanted get the modern day bandstand of the media airwaves and the internet to spout their grievances. And, the pop culture personalities then defend and support their grievances with misguided and inaccurate narratives.

Thank God for this veteran, his service, his love for this country and his actions in this situation.

Each of us has to be prepared to educate the young of this country and take actions like this veteran to demonstrate the truth and the fallacy of their ways.

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