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Enough is Enough: VA Choice vs VA Mission Acts

from The Gray Area:

Media "spin, hyperbole & deception" is now being attached to the VA Choice accomplishment that is being touted by President Trump. A Washington Post article

says that Trump is falsely claiming an Obama era VA Choice program as his own. The Obama program was a rushed initiative in the wake of the VA wait-time scandal, which authorized a temporary program that allowed some veterans to see doctors outside VA. It was limited to veterans who were waiting more than 30 days for an appointment, or those that lived more than 40 miles from a VA facility or faced similar travel burdens.

According to the Veterans Administration, "The Veterans Choice Program (VCP) is the name of a Federal program started in 2014 to quickly expand access to care for Veterans. VCP ended on June 6, 2019. The VA MISSION Act is the name of a Federal law that established a new community care program, among other provisions."

In addition to new eligibility criteria, there are a variety of improvements under the VA MISSION Act that make community care work better for Veterans:•Consolidated community care program.

Better customer service.

New urgent care benefit.

New Community Care Network

Modern IT systems.

The success of VA's efforts were confirmed by VFW members across the country who reported in record numbers that they are seeing improvements at their local VA facilities and are recommending VA to their fellow veterans. Their responses prove that the MISSION Act is delivering on its promises.

As usual, the media want to spin, exaggerate & deceive people that nothing Trump does is an improvement, but either a lie, badly executed, or a stolen program. They are not to be believed! And how hard is it to believe that an Obama era program was incomplete, limited or a failure? Think Obamacare for one.

Below is another opinion on the difference in the programs and the success of the Trump version. President Trump ushered in the greatest improvement to veteran health care since World War II.

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