Led by President Zelensky, Ukraine is fighting back

from The Gray Area:
2/24/22; updated 2/28/22:

Ukraine's defiant 'hero' Zelenskyy is giving Putin a run for his money. When asked if he wanted to be airlifted out of Ukraine Zelensky said, 'No, why would I, the fight is here. What I need is ammunition, not a ride'. A former comedian, Zelenskyy, gives former KGB 'comrade' Putin a run for his money

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy's heartbreaking, defiant speech to the Russian people, in Russian (English sub).

I did not vote for Ukraine’s president. His courage has changed my mind and inspired millions. Ukraine parliament member: 'More surprises coming for Putin's army' Ukrainian Forces Repel Russian Attack on Kyiv, Prepare for Next Assault Thousands of civilians take up arms to help defend the capital, while Russian forces face fierce resistance throughout Ukraine

Ukrainian forces hold Kyiv amid fierce fighting as Russian advance slows Outmanned Ukrainian forces are holding on to their capital after resisting an overnight onslaught that included explosions and bursts of gunfire. As fighting receded during daylight hours, Kyiv was still in Ukrainian government hands.

Anastasiia Lenna, who represented Ukraine in the Miss Grand International beauty contest in 2015, took to her Instagram account in the days ahead of the invasion to share photos of herself wearing military fatigues as she held an assault rifle. Finland's US ambassador responds to Russian threats over potential NATO membership Finland’s ambassador to the U.S. boasted about his country’s strong military and said he didn’t see an "immediate threat" after a Russian official suggested military action if the Nordic nation were to join NATO. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said Finland and Sweden would "face some military and political consequences" if they joined. "We are not in a position that we will get scared because of one statement," Ambassador Mikko Hautala told Fox News. "We have one of the best armies in Europe." air raid sirens over Kyiv for third night.

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