In Ukraine, we are missing strategy & financial accountability

from The Gray Area:

The War in Ukraine is 1 year old this week and showing no end in sight. In many ways it mirrors the process by which we got involved in Vietnam in the 1960s; first arms, then military advisors , then military trainers on the ground, then American deaths, then more military on the ground, then planes and ships and off we went until we walked away in defeat. Biden has already executed that 'walk away' strategy in Afghanistan to embarrassing results. Vietnam, Afghanistan, and now Ukraine seem a lot alike today. We had a strategy in Vietnam, at least at the beginning. The problem was it was the wrong strategy, containment. We could not allow the unrestrained march of Communism around the world, but we did not want to fight, which we ended up doing anyway. When containment means getting nowhere and people are dying, you have a flawed strategy. In Ukraine, 2022-23, unfortunately we don't have the wrong strategy, we don't have a strategy at all. In addition, we send $M, $B, and soon to be approaching $T to Ukraine, without any accountability for the money. Where does it go? How is it spent? Is the expenditure what it was intended for? We don't have the slightest idea. So basically, we are just papering the world with American money, for what ever use, whoever gets it, desires. Biden's little publicity trip to Ukraine this weekend did nothing except provide a photo op complete with fake air raid sirens, only promised more. Including for pensions and other social goals. And what is Biden planning with regard to a Russia - China partnership against the west? Nothing apparently. China is visitng Russia this week and issuing Ukraine accusations against the US. Similar question with regard to a Russia - China partnership against Taiwan? Nothing, except we are committed to defend Taiwan. So now we are marching toward a two front war, neither of which is ours. More containment?  Is Iran the third party in this 'axis of evil'? Do I dare say that Trump had all three under control and on their heels during his term? Of course he did. Iran was boxed in. China was afraid Trump was going to bomb them ... hilarious. Now, we are afraid Russia or China will both bomb us. Now Biden has us in a nuclear arms race again as Russia has pulled out of the SMART Treaty. As long as Putin wants war, seeking a peace settlement is a fantasy. Talking big in Europe without a strategy is groundhog day again. There will be no peace, only prolonged fighting and death, followed by a US retreat. Leaving China, Russia & Iran stronger. More From FoxNews:

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