'be the leader of peace'

from The Gray Area:
What a beautiful and poignant challenge to the leadership of the United States. Ukrainian President Zelensky said in his speech to Congress today, "be the leader of peace".  A perfect call out for the symbol of the free world to, in fact, stand up and be that 'leader of peace'. Biden's response, here is some more money and a few supplies. Nice, but not nearly enough.  Zelensky again asked for a no-fly zone. He added a request for new sanctions every week, other countries in Russia's orbit to cut ties with them, all American companies to leave Russia immediately. If Biden really wants to end the fighting and destruction of Ukraine, then be a real leader and do all these things and more. In a Washington Post article yesterday, they said Biden needed to do three things differently with Ukraine. 1. Stop playing defense. 2. Be disruptive 3. Guard your words. These are appropriate ways to manage this crisis to a successful conclusion. Biden is incapable of any of the three. His current method of defensiveness, fear and weakness, supplemented with grandiose statements that mean nothing, does nothing to help and leaves the 'bear' to continue to plunder. In addition, his current strategy sets an example for other tyrants like Putin in China, Iran, North Korea, and others. They need to know this type of aggression is unacceptable. Today, they believe it is acceptable to the world and to the 'leader of the free world', the USA.

Others things are allowed to run free while we are distracted with t his crisis.

Apprehensions at southern border rose to 165,000 in February, mostly single adults. There are other lessons from this speech and actions of the heroic Ukrainian people in this struggle. One, Zelensky is begging the world, one country at a time, for help to defend his country. He cannot defend himself from a large bully like Russia alone. As he said, after WWII we created institutions to insure this did not happen again. They have failed. These institutions refused to let countries like Ukraine develop defenses for their people, telling them they would be defended. Now they are at the mercy of the aggressors and inaction from the rest of the passive world.  He said, we need new institutions that will be successful at protecting the world from evil. He is correct. Think for a moment about what this lesson means for the USA. We have been attacked from inside and out to reduce our military defenses. It has been said that this military buildup and maintenance creates tension in the world and drives us toward war. You can now see that it does not.  Just the opposite.  A strong defense position for all countries in the world would eliminate this type of crisis. That is not necessarily to say more money, thanks to Republican administration fighting back against Democrat defense cuts. What we need consistently is preparedness & a sizable deterrent force. Weakness, leaving yourself vulnerable to aggressive neighbors, is what gets us in this position. It is what makes President Zelensky have to beg for help to defend his people & his country.  Even the radical leftists who want no borders and no countries, ought to be able to understand this lesson today. Two, the people of Ukraine have taken to the streets with their own arms and those provided by their military to defend themselves and their country. So heroic an example. In America, we are told to get rid of our personal weapons because they create violence & death. This is a false narrative. The Founders knew that despots attack those who cannot defend themselves. History has proven this true before and ever since the founding of the USA. Yet these misguided fools continue to press disarmament. The lesson here is to recognize the brilliance of the Founders and the founding documents for a free society, a free world. The Founders did those things to maintain peace, not threaten it. As The Wall Street Journal said; sending US planes and weapons is risky. But the risks of inaction are even greater.

If the USA is to be the 'leader of the free world', we need to stand up now, at home, in Ukraine and around the world and claim that space again. This war, and anything like it, shall not stand!  This planet will become completely free, and the USA needs to make sure it remains so.

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