Is Vladimir Putin Crazy? Or Crazy Like A Fox?

from The Gray Area:

Is Vladimir Putin crazy?

Discussion on the left and the right this weekend regarding impacting Russian oil in a greater way than current sanctions and Putin putting nuclear forces on higher alert illustrates poor prioritization and poor planning on the part of the Biden administration.

Ignoring the Putin escalation of nuclear forces was a good move. He is simply posturing from a position of weakness.

As well, no one disagrees with the desire to move to more renewable energy. That’s not something that will be done quickly. The left, however, wants it to be done quickly no matter the catastrophic impact it would have on United States economy or individual Americans. The Biden ministration believes that it is the priority now to focus on renewable energies and not increase oil reserves to meet the needs of the American people. That is blind political leadership.

The priority in the current crisis should be to cripple Russia without hurting or maybe even advantaging the United States. But, the Biden administration's priority is on renewable energy.

A lot of media reports are saying that Putin is behaving “erratically” and is “mentally unstable”. Putin has plenty of reasons to be pissed: many people were expecting Russia to just walk all over Ukraine; instead, the Ukrainians are putting up a hell of a fight! Recently, Putin put his nuclear forces on high alert. Does that mean Putin is crazy? Or crazy like a fox? LTC (Ret) Tony Shaffer, President of the London Center for Policy Research, evaluates the Russian military and whether Putin is serious about nukes, or is bluffing.

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