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What Would Have Helped In New Zealand?

from The Gray Area:

The mass shooting in New Zealand is a sad, sad event. One nut job, with a disturbed notion to manipulate the media, does so and takes 50 people with him.

Now, that same media is debating what should be done ... gun control of course. Which new gun law would have kept these guns out of this nut's hands? None, you are right. With the possible exception of gun confiscation, but even them, bad guys will still get 'illegal' guns.

So, what would have helped in New Zealand? And, what will help going forward in New Zealand and elsewhere?

What cost these nice people their lives was that no one was equipped for self defense. This guy had absolutely nothing to fear from these people. He knew he had the whole event to play out on his terms. When police finally arrive, he has done his dirty deed.

But, if just one person was practicing self defense, was armed, this situation would have been much less tragic.

One good guy with a gun, yes. But, more than that. A mindset. Self defense. Defense of me and mine is first and foremost with me. So, in a world of irrational political assaults in restaurants, at National Monuments, in college, at baseball practice, on the street, be prepared. In a world of random violence, be prepared.

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