Who do you believe?

from The Gray Area:

Donald Trump says Joe Biden will ban fracking. Joe Biden says he will not. One is telling the truth and the other is not. Who do you believe?

Joe Biden offers documented contradiction on this as he does on other subjects. He has said he will ban fracking. He has said he will not ban fracking, but will not sign new permits. The Democrat platform and Joe Biden's campaign proposals do not say anything about fracking. Curious, that they would say nothing about Americas' current energy infrastructure, but they don't. When you read it you see a lot of words determined to focus the reader on climate change and avoid discussion of plans for fossil fuels. In fairness, they do say the goal is 100% clean energy by 2050. This leads one to believe there is a 30 year ramp from old to new. However, other timelines in the documents contradict that thought.

First, Joe Biden and the Democrats do not have an Energy plan, not in their party platform and not in Joe Biden's campaign documents. What they have is a climate change plan which includes a clean energy plan to address climate change. They do not have a plan to provide the energy American's need for life in the 21st century. That smells like suffering.

What is explained in the COMBATING THE CLIMATE CRISIS AND PURSUING ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE plan and the Biden Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice with regard to energy and fossil fuels is this:

1. Enforcement mechanisms will be in place by the end of Biden's first term.

2. Polluters will be held accountable.

3. Tax plan implemented to support clean energy.

4. No financing of dirty energy.

5. A worldwide ban of fossil fuels.

So ask yourself. What do you think Joe Biden's administration will do to fossil fuels and the mechanism that support it, like fracking?

Correct. They will ban, tax, turn off the money and prosecute everyone they believe is associated with dirty fossil fuels.

Believe it. Your costs for energy will rise. Your access to energy will be reduced. Your life will be more uncomfortable as electric grids shut down. The only thing that will increase is your misery index.

And for what? Following the science they say. But, they are not following the science. They are following the science they like. All other science will be cancelled.

What other societies in the modern world does that sound like?

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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