Ex-FBI Director Comey Violated Policies by Sharing Memos, Watchdog Says

from The Wall Street Journal,

The memos described what Mr. Comey viewed as President Trump’s early efforts to shut down the FBI probe into Russian election interference.

The Justice Department’s inspector general found that former FBI Director James Comey violated the agency’s policies when he provided memos about his interactions with President Trump in 2017 to others, adding to criticism of Mr. Comey’s controversial tenure in the post. Mr. Comey failed to follow Federal Bureau of Investigation policies that address the handling of FBI records when he provided one memo to a friend to share with a reporter and provided four memos he kept in a personal safe at his home to his lawyers, the inspector general’s report said. The memos—the contents of which became public soon after Mr. Trump fired Mr. Comey in May 2017

Those memos were official FBI records and not personal documents, as Mr. Comey had argued, the watchdog said. The report came weeks after the Justice Department determined it wouldn’t prosecute Mr. Comey over his dissemination of the memos, including one that contained some classified information.

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