Free Speech

"Vox Populi, Vox Dei.”

from The Gray Area:
11/20/22; update 11/21/22:
Donald Trump is back on Twitter. Elon Musk confirmed his decision after running a weekend poll on Twitter to which 88M people responded. Wow, I guess Musk has gotten rid of the 'bot' accounts, otherwise, how did the left dominated Twitter lose this vote? Musk then tweeted: With that, Trump has returned, kinda. Does it matter anymore? As justice, yes, it matters a lot. But, otherwise? Trump says he will stay on Truth Social, Twitter is under re-construction with Elon Musk, liberal elite are up in arms, and the media (CBS) is 'pausing' its activity on Twitter. That last point is an obvious reaction to Twitter no longer being the sole purview of the the American left. Why would the mainstream media want to report on balanced viewpoints.* Then there is this, supposed justification, for Trump's suspension originally: Absurd! And, then this point regarding free speech and how it is determined: We will see where Twitter & Donald Trump go together, or otherwise. But, no matter what happens there, the clear winner here is the American people. Free speech has won, momentarily, over cancel culture, censorship, and woke tyranny. That is a very good thing. *A footnote:

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